Saturday, January 15, 2011


There was a fascinating experiment conducted by French entemologist, Dr. Jean-Henri Fabre.  He took a group of processionary caterpillars and placed them on the rim of a  large flower pot. These caterpillars were placed nose to tail and they followed each other around and around. It was impossible to determine which was the leader and which were followers.

In the center of the flower pot Dr. Fabre place an abundant supply of food.  But the caterpillars paraded around the rim of the flower pot for seven days and nights simply following one another until one-by-one they died of exhaustion and starvation.  Even though the there was plenty of food just inches away, none of them could or would alter the path they were on to survive.

The lesson is that it often takes a visionary, with the courage to step outside the well-worn path, to survive in challenging times.

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