Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Great Pitcher

The son in little league had been bragging to his father about what a great batter he was.  Finally the father said "OK son, show me."
All excited, the young boy grabbed his bat and ball and they went out to the back yard. The father stood off to the side as the son threw the ball up in the air and swung with all his might.
"Strike one" he said as he missed the ball completely.
"Strike two" he said when he missed again. Then he threw the ball up again, knowing his father was watching, and swung as hard as he could. "Strike three" he said when he hit nothing but air. The boy paused a moment, and then looked at his father and said "Boy dad, am I a great pitcher or what?!"

The lesson here is about perspective.  We don't always have the results we want, but we can change our perspective on the outcomes and still have a positive attitude.

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