Friday, January 7, 2011


There is a story told of a newspaper cartoonist from years ago who wanted to amuse himself one summer.  So he came up with an idea to randomly send telegrams to twenty of his acquaintances.  The telegram would contain only one word "Congratulations." 
As far as he knew, none of these people had done anything remarkable or in particular to be congratulated on. However an interesting thing happened.  Each recipient took the telegram as a statement of fact and wrote the cartoonist a thank of thanks.  Every one of the people who received the message were able to look at their lives and believe that they had done something worthy of being congratulated.
The cartoonist stated that from this experience he realized that the power of praise is limited only by its lack of use.
The lesson is to think about how many people you know who could use some encouragement from a "congratulations" or "great job"? Give praise and encouragement and people will live up to it.

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